Oooh a blog!

Erm, how do you start writing a blog? Do you say ‘Hi!’ like you’ve already got readers and start chatting to them inanely? Do you just leap in mid story assuming people will already know whats going on? Or do you give an in depth history of your life thus far in order to explain why you’re writing it down all of a sudden?

Don’t worry, I won’t do that last one! How about a very brief history? Ok, I’ve just finished studying for my politics degree in Swansea and have just started a business. My reasons for starting a blog are to with sort of wanting to document the business side of things as well as have somewhere to talk about other random things. I’m a bit obsessed with cooking blogs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a bit of that gets on here! I’m learning the guitar, but I’m not very good yet so I’ll only moan about that one. Erm, anything else? I started writing a book back in first year and so now that I’ve got all that essay writing malarkey out of the way I might have a go at finishing that!

So yes. The Business. I’ve been so excited about starting it for ages now, but I’ve had to concentrate on the 15,000 words I had to hand in to finish off my degree before I could start! Well that is all over now, as of last Tuesday, so now I have no excuse not to get on with it!

First observations:

1. Starting a business is HARD.

Yeah I think I’m still stuck at 1. Ok no, there are others!

2. Its complicated. And hectic. And there are a million things to do.

3. BUT I am only 3 days into starting it and already I’m feeling a small sense of accomplishment. There’s also something nice about knowing that I don’t have to go out hunting for a hard to find graduate job, then having to fight hundreds of people for that one job and then it being potentially the wrong job for me. Of course there are no guarantees that the business is going to work, but heck thats not going to stop us trying! At least if it does all go to pot, theres a nice degree to fall back on. A nice *expensive* degree to fall back on…

Obviously I’ve not mentioned what the business is. As excited as I am about it, I don’t want to run around telling everyone what it is, but I thought that a blog would be good to get and give general business advice! What can I tell you? Well its a partnership between myself and my boyfriend, David. We’re both staying in Swansea to do it and we’ll be putting our expertise of being a student to good use!

Finding a starting place has been the hardest thing to do so far, theres a lot to do! Our rent in Swansea is up at the end of June, with a possibility of extending it to August. This gives us times to work towards, as if things aren’t happening by then we’ll have to pack up and go home to find a boring job. Fingers crossed we can get it done!

Right, I’ll stop going on now. Needless to say I’ll be back in a day or two going ‘Arrrrrgghhh what have I gotten myself in to?!?!?!’ but then again maybe I’ll have a generally calm and collected demeanor when it comes to business? Bwahahahahaha! Yeah right!



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2 responses to “Oooh a blog!

  1. Nice blog Charlie, personally I’d think twice about actually giving out business costs in numbers. Took you hours, days perhaps, to get holed of the price range…a potentyial competitor has it in 20 seconds of reading, a potential supplier knows EXACTLY how low he must go to get the cheapest bid.

    That apart, its all very readable, love it. Good luck.

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