Ponderings and Potential Developments

I was full of big business plans for this weekend. Stuff was going to get DONE. And then the sun shone and that all went out the window.

I made chocolate chip cookie pie and homemade ham and pineapple pizza, sat in the sun, bought a bbq, put together a bbq, had a bbq, lathered on the sun cream, sat in the sun, drank pints of cider whilst sat in the sun, wrote a comedy sketch with fellow comedians in the sun, read some of Breaking Dawn (twilight geek alert) in the sun, made myself a (failed) phone sleeve in the sun, drank tea, ate biscuits and watched Doctor Who. All in all, exactly what a sunny weekend in Swansea should be like. I would have liked to go to the beach, but the Gower gets packed on a weekend if theres the slightest hint of sun, so I’ll be saving that for a weekday. I settled for sitting in Dave’s back garden with all the weeds, but at least we had a sea view!

The only problem was that it got to 10pm this evening and I realised that some of those big business plans for the weekend really needed to be done by Monday morning…whoops! And so I have sat, for the last hour or so, working on STUFF. This STUFF will then help to get actual, real STUFF done. Well, this is the hope. We’re still in the planning stages of this whole operation, plus Dave’s still got exams until Thursday. According to this plan, we’ll actually start working in one week – eek! This wouldn’t only be a potential development, but an actual real life, full size development! Thrilling stuff.

I am genuinely excited about getting on with it. Even though it feels like I haven’t achieved much yet, I’m in a much better state of understanding compared to this time last week (when I hadn’t started….).

In other news:

1. My fingertips are starting to soften up a bit, MUST do lots of guitar practice very soon.

2. I cannot really sew very well. However, there is potential and this means my hope for a £1.50 sleeve for my shiny iphone lives on. I have about enough material for another two attempts. Unfortunately if it does take another two attempts that will be about 10 man hours spent on it. I think that definitely qualifies as a waste of time and I might as well buy one.

3. I got a job interview for a part time job as a Student Liaison Officer at Swansea College. I need a part time job to ensure we can pay for rent and this job sounds pretty damn good. Fingers triple crossed I get it!

Amen and out.


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