Should I learn to expect this?

Week 2 in the setting up a business is coming along nicely!

Apart from the fact that people seem to have a problem with saying they’ll get back to you, and then not actually getting back to you. There are several things that I can’t do until I have certain information and no one will give it to me! Actually I lie, one person got back to me, out of about 8. However they rang me back with a quote and it was *expensive*. Its a necessary cost to the business and we’re lucky we don’t have all that many start up costs, but still, ouch! Luckily thats not something  we have to pay for another few months, so plenty of time to actually make that money first!

Talking of money, actually making some should start as of Monday, according to my plan! This might mean that I need to work some stuff out, like prices to charge, you know just casual sort of stuff…!

Oh my goodness! I just checked my university email and there was one there saying the results for one of my modules are in! Argh! I’m so scared! I worked really hard on this particular one, it was a policy report and an essay on the Welsh Assembly, and I’m fairly certain it was a great big pile of very smelly stuff. It was just a really difficult module and I chose one of the hardest topics for my report. I did it on economics for goodness sake! I don’t know what came over me! Right. Going to stop stressing and just find out how I did. Back in a bit…

Eek, not so great. Actually did better on the economics bit than I did on the general essay! Whoops! I got 55 overall, which pulls down my average a little bit, to just under a 2:1. Still got an essay and a presentation mark to come back so fingers crossed they pull me back into 2:1 territory!

Having said this, I suppose my politics degree isn’t really going to help me set up a business and thats what is more important at the moment!

I’ve had another email with a quote, this time for £1000 less! Nice! Definitely need to shop around a bit if this is the difference in prices! I need to know this cost so I can work out how much to charge. Our aims for this year are mainly to be successful. We’re aware that we might not make much money this year, especially as profits will be split between two of us, but the hope is that if it works, we’ll be able to live off it soon enough.

Right, I’m off to get more quotes and to forget about the Welsh Assembly (damn you essay! *shakes fist*).



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