Slow moving…

The last few days have been the sort of days where nothing really gets done quickly. This might have something to do with David finishing his exams, the ensuing celebrations and since then the recovery! They took up Thursday and Friday and this weekend Dave headed home for a few days of cricket. Being on my own has not spurred me to do any inspired work. If anything I’m feeling more stuck for what to do! Anyway, David will be back tomorrow and then Tuesday we get down to the nitty gritty stuff. We were supposed to be actively be putting the business into action as of Tuesday but it looks like we’re going to have to postpone that for a few more days as we just aren’t ready. There’s still so much to do!

I got a few more quotes in for our main business cost, so I’ve got a good idea now of what we want and how much we’re going to have to pay. It was mad how much the prices varied, my lowest was around £1800 and the most expensive being nearly £6000! The other thing I encountered with it was the differences in the customer service with the people that I spoke to. Most were very helpful, some more than I could have asked for and these have made me seriously consider going with them even if it means paying slightly more (plus it means I won’t feel quite as bad calling them up when I don’t have a clue what I’m doing!). Unfortunately some people I spoke to were the opposite of helpful; one man I spoke to told me that if I was shopping around for prices he couldn’t help me, that if I’d been recommended by a friend that he could give me a good price, but as I wasn’t he couldn’t help me. I mean what?! He didn’t even try and sell himself to me! Another one told me that my business was unrealistic and unachievable…without even knowing what the business was!

These differing interactions with people have taught me more than the possible prices I’ll need to pay. I know it seems obvious, but being nice to people really helps. One guy I sat chatting to for several minutes as he even gave me advice on the business. He hasn’t got back to me with a quote yet but I will be more than willing to consider it properly when I get it. One guy I sent an email to sent me an extremely condescending reply and unless they give me an insanely good offer there’s no way I would want to work with them.

So yes, my lesson from this is to be nice. It doesn’t take much effort and people respond so much better to it. You would think it was common sense, but as I have seen in the past few days, it evidently isn’t. Luckily, I don’t think I’ll have too much difficulty with this goal, I can be annoyingly positive. If anything, I’ll need to make sure I don’t go over the top!

As I said earlier, things are a at a bit of a standstill until Tuesday morning. I’ve got a few things to be getting on with, creating documents for the business, like order forms and stuff like that. However, I feel this afternoon may be consumed by baking. I’m thinking either toffee apple cupcakes with maple icing or vanilla cupcakes with raspberry jam swirled through with raspberry butter icing. Decisions decisions! I had a similar problem on Friday evening, and ended up making both Marshmallow Cupcakes and Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes! They were both from the Hummingbird Bakery book, and they were both ridiculously tasty. Fortunately for my waistline (but unfortunately for my greediness) the mix only made 9, not the 12 it promised, so after being shared between me and Davids housemates there weren’t many leftover! James requested I make my apple cake again for when he and David get back tomorrow, its not my favourite and I like trying out new things so I might compromise with the toffee apple cupcakes. Win all around!

I’ve got to go and figure out how to back up my computer without having an external hard drive. I’m taking my laptop into the Apple shop in Cardiff for repair tomorrow and they recommend backing up before leaving it with them. Fun stuff!

Right, thats enough rambling for now. And remember: Be nice!



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