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How is it Friday already? So much for a having a few productive days this week! My body is still being very annoying and won’t get better and is leaving me in no state to start calling people trying to sell things. Fingers crossed I get better over the weekend, or at least the croaky voice disappears so I don’t sound so scary for a fresh start on Monday!

People are slowly starting to leave Swansea for the summer, and in many cases leaving Swansea for good now that they’ve finished uni. It feels very strange to be staying behind whilst everyone packs up and goes, this Summer is going to be rather quiet. Knowing that a lot of our friends won’t be returning is also quite sad, as much as I’m looking forward to the changes that will happen this year, I’ve had such a great 3 years in Swansea with all of these people and its odd knowing that it won’t be the same ever again.

We finally opened our business account yesterday! Things are slowly becoming official! All I need is to do that first phonecall selling and I might allow myself to believe we really are doing this. So far its been a bit like we’re playing along at starting a business, I can’t imagine what it will feel like when we actually start making money! Today I think I’m going to try and order our business cards, no idea where to get them from though, will have to do a bit of research and make one of my famous lists! I’ve already got about 6 purely in starting up plans and ideas! Its essential to write everything down though, we’ve got so many ideas that as soon as you think of something new you forget the last 3 things you thought of!

Its similar to how I approached my writing; I got a story in my head and then proceeded to write about 100 pages in my notebook purely on the facts/characters/plotline! Thats been particularly handy after 9 months off from writing it, I’ve been able to go back and remember exactly what I wanted to do and the reasons for writing particular things. I’ve been rereading everything I previously wrote and although I think that some of it is DIRE, its nice to have it down. I wrote 30,000 words originally and can’t wait to get more written. I am fully aware that I’ll probably delete the majority of what I’ve written in the end but there we go! Can’t get better without practice!

Heres hoping I manage to design the business card without completely falling asleep at my laptop!




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