Another week gone…

Its Friday once again and nearly the end of a rather busy week! The business course has been extremely useful and we’ve now got a business mentor, who we’ll be meeting with occasionally and will help us with paperwork/applications for grants/business plans and the like. He’s also going to try and help us get onto the Graduate Start Up Scheme offered by the Welsh Assembly which, if we were successful, could see us getting about ¬£6000 each. Yes please! We’re also looking at applying to the Local Investment Fund for West Wales to see if they can help with start up costs. All very useful indeed.

The business itself has actually gone pretty well this week too. I’ve been approaching lots more people and had fairly positive feedback on the whole, and a few who are definitely interested. Its difficult trying to sell our product when we’ve never done it before. Businesses are obviously going to be wary and we’ve had to do our best to be as confident in our product as we possibly can be and hopefully we’ll convince people that it WILL work!

I’m currently trying to come up with justification for going to the beach this afternoon…what do you mean the beach isn’t an appropriate office? Fine, work now, maaaaybe beach for a bit, then more work later. The presenters on the course weren’t kidding this week when they said to say goodbye to your weekends!


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