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Slow Week!

Well more like a non-week in terms of work! This week is the week after exams, and should be more aptly named ‘the week that nobody sobers up’. I was planning on taking part in some of the celebrations but was going to still keep on working through it as well. As you might of guessed, this hasn’t happened! Monday was taken up with organising the Comedy Awards and then in the evening was the Comedy Awards themselves. I felt pretty darn tired yesterday and had little voice left and so other than a bit of researching to see what grants are available for start up businesses, it was another day without work. I thought the tiredness was from Monday night, but I woke up today with a thumping headache, sore throat and swollen glands: not what you need on the day of the summer ball, especially when you want to do work before hand as well!

Anyway, I can’t be that ill as I got out of bed to make blueberry muffins! The business stuff will have to be back on track tomorrow! The good thing about having our own business is that we can work on Saturday and Sunday too to make up for the time we’ve lost out on.

We did make good progress in our first week of work last week. We drew up databases, wrote out plans, did more research and designed a document that has all our selling points on. Tomorrow I need to do business cards and we’ve got our bank appointment with the business manager.

Right, time to go fall asleep while putting on my makeup…ahem…I mean go get ready to party all afternoon obviously!


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First Official Day of Work!

Yes, thats right: today was the first official day of the business! David and I both got up and on with things, starting with tidying the office and organising it all.

Tidy! But for how long...

I have to say, having an organised work space definitely made us feel more business-like and ready to crack on with things. And look! We even bought a white board! Now we are definitely a business. I even filled in an online survey earlier (to win £1000 shopping spree in Staples – woop!) and put that I was employed full time. Impressive huh?!

We did actually have a fairly productive day in the end. Dave’s been working on databases while I’ve been ringing around and doing research. We think we’ve decided on on prices finally, but still a bit of debate going on about them. We don’t know whether to conduct a some potentially time consuming and very awkward market research, or whether to throw ourselves in and see how it goes. Obviously common sense would say to do the market research, but the only thing I can think of (ok, ok, my Dad can think of…) has some limitations that would either cause problems or give erroneous results. If we didn’t do market research we can get started very soon, and we would soon know if we’ve gone the wrong way as people wouldn’t buy if it was too expensive. At the same time, what if we’ve severely under priced them and we could be losing out on lots more profit? Bah! Its all very confusing!

There’s definitely things to debate about before we start selling but thats still a few days away. Lots to be getting on with in the mean time.

Tomorrow we’re going to open a business account. We were going to go in today, but banks are useless and after being put on hold several times they said they’d call me back and they never did. Tomorrow I’m just going to go in and stamp my feet and cause a ruckus if they won’t see us. That’ll work right?

We’ve just about come to the end of the work day now. Here’s David’s take on how well we did today:

Day one done.


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