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Busyness, Business and Being Boring.

Gosh my blog is dull. Go see this, laugh your socks off, and then come back:  http://ikeepgettingbit.blogspot.com/

That sister of mine is an odd one and is certainly have a much different Summer to the one I’m having!

In business news: We made our first sale!!! Wahooooo! Only 99 or so more to go! Got to start somewhere I suppose. Got a very busy day tomorrow starting with a meeting at 7.30, then calling people throughout the morning, then a meeting in Port Talbot with some graphic designers, more calling and finally work in St. Thomas youth club! Early night tonight then! Looking forward to the weekend already; we’re going to David’s house in Berkshire so hopefully we can chill out a bit then!

In baking news: I found the best ever chocolate chip cookie recipe! http://annies-eats.com/2008/09/08/thick-and-chewy-chocolate-chip-cookies/   The recipe made about 24, and luckily we gave away half of them as Dave and I pretty much inhaled the rest of them. I put chocolate buttons and chopped up milkybar in them and I would definitely do that again!

So thats pretty much my life at the moment, business and baking. See? Boring!


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