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A day in the life…

Ok, today I’m going to try something new. During my day I’m going to have my blog running and use it as a diary sort of thing to give an example of how my day goes now. I’m also hoping that this will make me want to be uber productive! Here we go!

9.28 – David and I are both up, showered, had breakfast and have a cup of tea in front of us. The office has been cleared of its debris (I told you it wouldn’t stay that clean…) and we’re finally sat down at our computers. First thing to do: a to do list!

9.43 – I’m already getting stressed out. My pressure headache from my sinusitis has yet to go away and I’m slowly coming to the realisation that iWork is far too simple for our needs. We’re going to have to get Quark or InDesign, both of which are rather complicated to use, but give you much more flexibility. If we were to change now it would mean way more work to change what we’ve already done, but perhaps a lot less work than it would be if we were to change our minds later on.

10.00 – Called Dad about advice on business cards, he ended up giving me a full blown pep talk and now I need to start calling people…argh!

10.20 Trying to set up email to the domain we bought a few days ago. Its not working. Oh and I downloaded a ‘Getting Started with Quark’ training pack. The pack for beginners is 96 pages long…

11.14 – Finally some progress! We finalised our selling details and polished the document that we’ve designed that holds all the information for our customers. Now just printing it off! Also David and I have had an argument over the use of the word ‘incentivise’. I think its a stupid word but apparently it exists, so now David is rubbing it in that he was right. Grrr.

11.21 – Printing problems. Not doing so well this morning.

11.32 – Major printing problems. Going to scream.

11.53 – Think it might be the black ink, the printer has got a backup black but I don’t think its using it. To the ink shop!

13.08 – Slightly longer trip than we meant to go on! Testing the ink now to see if that helps and grabbing some lunch. It was a fairly productive trip, we picked up some rental lists for trying to find a house and noted things to add into the database. Also went to find out business card info from local printers – it was pricey! Might be worth the hassle of trying to design our own and get them printed from somewhere online!

13.18 – hus!7£(F!?hs7£E***@!EShir!!!  (Yes printer, that is directed at you.)

13.19 – For some reason the printing is much clearer when I put it through as a pdf but has nice chunky white borders on compared to if I print directly from iWork, which prints to the edge of the paper but almost has a blurry quality to it. Odd.

14.22 – Given up on the printer, our customers will have to have slightly grey writing on the Information Pack for the time being until I can figure it out. I’ve had lunch too, by that I mean I’ve eaten a chocolate brownie and had a cup of tea. The brownie was from the One Shoe Cafe on King Edwards Road – they are sooooo goooood.

15.03 – Phonecalls aren’t going to happen today. I know I can’t keep putting them off, but by tomorrow I should be ready. Honest.

15.19 – Business cards are finally ordered! Phew! It was very confusing but I think we got a fairly good deal in the end. We went with Vistaprint, who looked like they had reeeeallly good prices originally but had lots of hidden costs. Bit sneaky but they still ended up with the best price. I’ve got about 2 hours before I go to work (I work as a Youth Worker in a youth club in Swansea 2 nights a week) so David and I are going to work on a sort of script for calling people to decide on whats best to say first!

15.35 – David has told me off for talking to my laptop (i.e when I shout expletives at it when it won’t do what its told) because he keeps thinking I’m shouting at him. Whoops.

16.01 – Almost definitely decided against iWork now, think I’ll go for Quark. It’s a million times more difficult but it will give us more flexibility in the end. Theres loads of tutorials on their website and although it might take months and months to learn it all, it is possible.

16.33 – I finally managed to buy the email set up to go with our domain and now it won’t let me log in. Technology is not my friend today.

22.32 – I’m sort of glad I forgot to write again before I went to work, I was NOT happy. I got sent around a bunch of call centres when trying to sort out the email, from virgin to microsoft and back again. After the day I had I was not the most impressed! I’m much more calm now, although I’m not sure how a mad night in a youth club helped! I have been out for dinner though with Dave and his housemates and that was very nice!

I think if I’m ever going to do another of these diary things it might have to be when I’m a bit more comfortable with things and I’m not freaking out for the whole day!



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